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The TASER Pulse+ Product Features

StrikeLight Overview

Pulse+ Device Nomenclature

How to Load a TASER Cartridge

Pulse+ Cartridge Removal

How to Perform a Spark Test

How to Replace the TASER Pulse+ Battery

Pulse+ Target Practice

Types of TASER Holsters

How to Draw a TASER Device from a Holster

TASER Training Heart Rate Drill

TASER Training Distance Drill

Drive-Stun Follow-Up

How Cartridges Work

What Are AFIDs?

TASER Pulse vs. Sasquatch

How to Change the Battery of a TASER Pulse

TASER vs. Stun Guns

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How to change the battery of a TASER Pulse

Watch this video to learn how to change the battery on your TASER Pulse.

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Expert Tip: Always Carry Your TASER Device in a Holster

Trying to decide which holster to get for your TASER device? Learn about the different holster options and see which one is best for your lifestyle.

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TASER Safety vs. Other Tools

Take a look at the effectiveness of TASER devices vs other self-defense tools.

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TASER X2 Professional Series: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about the TASER X2.

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TASER X26P Professional Series: Everything You Need to Know

The TASER X26P is a trusted device used by law enforcement agencies around the world and is available to everyday citizens and security professionals. Learn more about the TASER X26P Professional Series in this post.

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The TASER StrikeLight: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about the TASER StrikeLight, the stun-gun only device offered by TASER.

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The TASER Pulse -Everything You Need to Know

Do you have questions about the TASER Pulse? Then this blog post is for you! Check out answers to common questions about the TASER Pulse.

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FAQ - TASER Bolt and Pulse Cartridges

Everything you need to know about TASER Cartridges. Check out this FAQ to have your questions answered.

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How to Load a TASER Cartridge into your device

TASER Master Instructor Sara demonstrates how to load a TASER cartridge into a TASER Pulse.

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How to draw your TASER device from a holster

Drawing a TASER device from a holster is one of the most important skills an owner of a TASER product can develop. In this video, our TASER Master instructor shows you how to safely practice pulling a TASER Pulse from a holster to develop important muscle memory.

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How TASER devices can cause incapacitation

Neuro Muscular Incapacitation is what sets TASER devices apart from stun-guns or other weapons. Learn how TASER has harnessed the power of electricity to keep you safe.

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The importance of practicing with your TASER device

#TrainingTuesday explores why regular practice with your TASER device might one day save your life.

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What's the Difference Between TASER Devices and Stun Guns?

Highlighting the differences between TASER devices and generic stun-guns. Though similar in nature, these self-defense products operate in different ways, and work under different circumstances. Learn what makes a TASER device so different.

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Anatomy of a TASER Pulse

Learn the pieces of the TASER Pulse in this week's #trainingtuesday post.

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TASER Terms and Vocabulary

Learn the terminology used to describe TASER products.

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Welcome to Training Tuesday!

Every Tuesday, TASER Self-Defense will bring you tips and best practices in order to optimize your self-defense strategy.

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How to Buy More Time With a TASER device

Learning how to buy more time during a self defense situation with a TASER device.

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Putting it together - Drawing, Firing, and Escaping

TASER Instructor Sara demonstrates how to safely draw, deploy and escape to safety with a TASER Pulse.

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What are Kydex holsters?

What are Kydex holsters and why are they a great concealed carry option for TASER products? Learn on today's TrainingTuesday post on the TASER blog.

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Professional & Self-Defense TASER Devices - What you need to know

Cops carry TASER devices, and you can to. But what is the difference between what is in your holster and their's? Find out this week on #TrainingTuesday.

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Carry Safety By Your Side with a TASER Holster

Learn which holster might fit you and your TASER device best.

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How to Dress for Self-Defense in Winter

Don't get caught out in the cold. Here are some tips for dressing for self-defense in winter weather.

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